Mark Atwood <>:
> While I was reading up on uncrustify, posted an article
> about clang-format.

Note that clang-format style is not a single thing; the tool takes

I looked at the Wikipedia article on "Indent style".  There are more
perversities out there than were dreamt of in my philosophy!

I prefer what it calls Allman style. I could live with any of the 1TBS
variants.  I mildly dislike Whitesmiths and Ratliff, somewhat more
strongly dislike GNU, and don't want us going anywhere near Horstmann,
Pico, or "Lisp" styles.

But, as I said, I generally adapt to whatever style I find in place in
a C codebase and don't try to impose my preferences.

The most unusual trait of Mills style is exemplified by this function

static void
        struct peer *peer       /* peer structure pointer */

I've never seen this way of laying out formal argument lists anywhere else.
If we apply a formatter, we're going to have to first check what it does
to these.
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