Returning to work on ntpsnmpd after a hiatus I looked through the MIB entries and discovered that I had accidentally skipped one of the tables.

The table is described as "The number of packets sent and received by packet mode. One entry per packet mode.".

It has 3 fields per mode: ntpEntStatPktMode, ntpEntStatPktSent, ntpEntStatPktReceived.

The first of those is listed as MAX-ACCESS == not-accessible. Why? / What purpose does it serve to have it there?

From the possible values of ntpEntStatPktMode it would appear that the "modes" this table is talking about are not the normal NTP communication modes like mode6.

Query: should the "modes" listed under ntpEntStatPktMode be used as the field indexes for the table entries?

And I'm not entirely certain what data it wants anyway. I don't think there are this many non-error packet counts in the entirety of mode 6, let alone ones specific to ntpd and not its peers.

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