Is something interesting going on here, or is this just leftover cruft?

Why would ntp_adjtime turn into SIGSYS?  Would that be mentioned in a man 
page?  Do we care about running on those systems?

         * Use sigsetjmp() to save state and then call ntp_adjtime(); if
         * it fails, then pll_trap() will set pll_control false before
         * returning control using siglogjmp().
        newsigsys.sa_handler = pll_trap;
        newsigsys.sa_flags = 0;
        if (sigaction(SIGSYS, &newsigsys, &sigsys)) {
                msyslog(LOG_ERR, "ERR: sigaction() trap SIGSYS: %m");
                pll_control = false;
        } else {
                if (sigsetjmp(env, 1) == 0) {
                        if ((ntp_adj_ret = ntp_adjtime_ns(&ntv)) != 0) {
                            ntp_adjtime_error_handler(__func__, &ntv, 
ntp_adj_ret, errno, false, false, __LINE__ - 1);
                if (sigaction(SIGSYS, &sigsys, NULL)) {
                            "ERR: sigaction() restore SIGSYS: %m");

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