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> Gary E. Miller via devel <devel@ntpsec.org>:
> > To follow up on this, the user had ./clockmaker --config fail to
> > install scons.  Probably failed earlier.  No warning messages.  The
> > user then ran clockmaker --build, which silently failed, because of
> > no scons.  
> That's weird. It's just using apt-get; if scons couldn't be installed
> there should have been an error notification from that.

After a bit more, incoclusive, chat with the user, it seems that he
somehow started root with a PATH that did not include /usr/sbin where
scons lives.  But when he ran clockmare --build he got zero output, and
he then thought it wass done, moved on to later steps, and got even
more confused.

So some more idiot proofing is in order.

> I'd like to see an installation log.

You and me both....

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