On 17/11/14 08:41, Itamar Heim wrote:
> 1) Is this still an issue?
Yes of course, or is it implemented yet?

> 2) Can we afford to dilute the focus we have as it is hard enough to
>    stabilize the currently supported distro's? is it worth the
>    potential impact?
In general: Software which supports multiple operating systems/distros
tends to be more stable, because some bugs just get found on specific
the general ovirt technology is available "everywhere" (TM): java & python
> 3) Would it have maintainers catering to it so it won't be left behind
>    / delay development?
this is a question for devel@ovirt.org (CC'ed ;) )
> 4) Why bother with host support, ovirt-node can be used?
My impression is, that most users don't use ovirt-node, because
this project has not enough dev power and lacks certain stuff
> 5) Why bother with engine support, a virtual appliance or a docker
>    image could be used?
docker is inherently insecure (a famous red hatter said: it's like
download random code from the internet and run it as root), so docker
is no option today, imho.
> 6) if we do it, should we focus on Ubuntu or Debian distro first?
well, the general rule of thumb is: if it runs on debian it runs on
ubuntu. I see way more debian than ubuntu servers, but for modern
deployments this changes. my personal opinion is, that ubuntu sucks
as a server os.
> 7) if we do it, should we focus on host or engine first?
atm you are focusing host, there are some bugs open for that
and it's planned for 3.6. (that's what I read at least)

General note:

Imho ovirt would greatly benefit from more supported distros.
Not just debian and ubuntu, but you have to start somewhere.
you can attract many devs, which just don't use el/fedora.

furthermore, the basic technology runs on any linux distribution:
java and python

so these are "just" integration issues (path to configfiles,
different init systems, packaging not in rpm, but deb, etc.)

This is still a huge effort, but I guess canonical and various
debian developers would maybe join the effort to make ovirt
work on their platform.

my 2 cent
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