> I love running tests on the build systems - its gives another layer of
> assurance that we are going to build a good package for the relevant
> system/architecture.
> However, the offending patch makes it impossible on el7-based build
> system. Can we instead skip the test (on such systems) if the right nose
> version is not installed?
> We should file a bug to fix nose on el7.

IMO test requirements != build req != runtime req.

It is perfectly valid to use virtualenv and pip to enable using the
latest and graetest testing tools, but those should __only__ be used
in a testing environment. Those should not be used in a build
environment which is designed to be reproducible and hence is
typically devoid of network access.
Deploy requirements should be tested, but by their nature those tests
need to run post-build and hence are better left to integration tests
like ovirt-system-tests.

Barak Korren
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