Hi all,

Few moments ago I've merged the Data Center 4.1 upgrade patches (see [1])
The patches introduce a change in the storage domains' meta data to version
4 which are attached to a 4.1 Data Center

Currently, there are no differences between version 3 and version 4, but
the plan will be to add extra functionalities to V4 storage domains such as
supporting qcow 1.1

For those of you which already have a 4.1 DC, you might encounter some
problems since your storage domains are still configured as V3 and should
be upgraded.

For your master environment to be compatible with those changes the
following changes should be performed:

* In the engine side:
1. Change the storage domains version from V3 to V4:
  update storage_domain_static set storage_domain_format_type = 4 where id
= (SELECT id from storage_domains where storage_pool_name = '{Data Center

2. Change the storage pool format type to 4:
  update storage_pool set storage_pool_format_type = 4 where name = '{Data
Center name}';

* In the VDSM side:
1. call the upgradeStoragePool verb:
  vdsClient -s 0 upgradeStoragePool {storage_pool_id} 4

Please let me know if you encounter any issues


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