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> Sent: Monday, September 19, 2016 2:12:56 PM
> Subject: [ovirt-devel] Proposing Martin Sivak as a Backend Maintainer for SLA
> & Scheduling

> Hi All,

> Martin Sivak has been working on the oVirt engine since June 2013.
> His main focus over the years was around MoM, external scheduler,
> hosted-engine, and
> related engine code.
> In the past year Martin took over many of the oVirt scheduler related work
> and did a lot of improvements there. In total Martin has around 170 engine
> patches already merged.
> Within these you will find improving the scheduler's notifications and error
> handling, rewriting the pending resource mechanism which resolved many
> issues, VM affinity, affinity labels and multiple improvements for our
> scheduling policies and hosted engine.
> I would like to thank Martin for his great contribution and hope for many
> more patches to come :)

> I would also like to propose Martin as an engine maintainer for SLA and
> Scheduling.


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