> On 20 Sep 2016, at 19:52, Nir Soffer <nsof...@redhat.com> wrote:
> Hi all,
> We are reviewing patches for improving vdsm log format.
> The goal is to have more standard logging format, similar to engine
> logs and other logs in the ovirt project, to make it easier to debug
> and support the system.
> We know that this change will break tools people wrote to parse vdsm
> logs (I wrote couple), but we find vdsm log format too painful to work
> with, and we hope this is be useful in the long term.
> Please review.
> https://gerrit.ovirt.org/#/q/topic:log-format

Hi Nir,
typically for concise changes reviewing a single patch is way easier than whole 
topic. I know vdsm developers prefer it that way, but please do realize it is 
harder for “external” people to comprehend and you get less feedback.
I see example of the new format mentioned in one commit message as a link to 
pastebin. I suppose including a single line example in the commit message 
itself is a bit more persistent  

Just two notes - big -1 on moving the thread id further down the line. 
Typically this is the only thing with some continuity, making it the most 
important thing to see. Putting it at a fixed aligned position somewhere at the 
beginning of the line would help a lot.
Do we switch to UTC timestamp or still want to use local time? It does make it 
a bit hard to correlate with libvirt and qemu.

Thanks for the improvements!

> Thanks,
> Nir
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