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>> > On 20 Sep 2016, at 19:52, Nir Soffer <nsof...@redhat.com> wrote:
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>> > Hi all,
>> >
>> > We are reviewing patches for improving vdsm log format.
>> >
>> > The goal is to have more standard logging format, similar to engine
>> > logs and other logs in the ovirt project, to make it easier to debug
>> > and support the system.
>> >
>> > We know that this change will break tools people wrote to parse vdsm
>> > logs (I wrote couple), but we find vdsm log format too painful to work
>> > with, and we hope this is be useful in the long term.
>> >
>> > Please review.
>> > https://gerrit.ovirt.org/#/q/topic:log-format
>> Hi Nir,
>> typically for concise changes reviewing a single patch is way easier than
>> whole topic. I know vdsm developers prefer it that way, but please do
>> realize it is harder for “external” people to comprehend and you get less
>> feedback.
>> I see example of the new format mentioned in one commit message as a link
>> to pastebin. I suppose including a single line example in the commit
>> message itself is a bit more persistent
>> Just two notes - big -1 on moving the thread id further down the line.
>> Typically this is the only thing with some continuity, making it the most
>> important thing to see. Putting it at a fixed aligned position somewhere at
>> the beginning of the line would help a lot.
>> Do we switch to UTC timestamp or still want to use local time? It does
>> make it a bit hard to correlate with libvirt and qemu.
> Lurker chiming in here ...
> Using UTC is really important when correlating across multiple systems.
> All of the boxes we run in production we have placed in UTC to help us
> correlate events across our environment. We had no end of frustrations when
> we could not find ANY logs to debug a problem due to a timezone shift.
> And keep in mind, the one reviewing events in time may not be in the same
> timezone as well, so the original timezone information will often get
> converted to the local timezone of that reviewer.

I agree that using UTC is better then local time - if other logs on the
system would use the same timezone.

Currently /var/log/messages and /var/log/sanlock are the most important
logs for me, and both are using local time. Using different time for vdsm
will make it harder debug.

Libvirt log is pretty useless now when we disabled debug logs,
and qemu logs are even worse, mostly without any timestamps.

I suggest to file a bug to switch system to use UTC by default,
or to have an easy way to choose the logs timezone globally.

To make it easier to correlate between engine and vdsm logs, we need
to introduce back the correlation id that was removed from vdsm
in 3.5, when we switched to jsonrpc.

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