Hi oVirt developers,

A few weeks ago we announced that it is now possible to run oVirt System
Tests on any open patch in oVirt [1].
Just wanted to remind everyone how easy it to run the whole basic suite or
upgrade suite on your open patches.

Here is a summary of the steps needed to run the job [2]:

*How to use?*


   Add a comment to your open patch in Gerrit and write '*ci please build*'


   Wait for the 'build-on-demand' job to finish and copy the URL of
the build that shows up on the comments in Gerrit.


   Go the manual job [2] and click 'Build with parameters' [3]


   Add your 'build-on-demand' URLs to the job (you can put multiple
URLs, one per line)


   Choose the oVirt version you wish to test (should match to the
oVirt version of your patch).


   Choose the suite type from the drop-down menu (choose basic to run
normal sanity or upgrade to test upgrade engine)

There are other options to choose, but the default ones will work best
for most cases,

You can checkout the documentation [4] for more detailed info.

Feel free to reach out to infra team for more info or help!

[1] https://lists.ovirt.org/pipermail/devel/2017-February/029565.html
[2] http://jenkins.ovirt.org/job/ovirt-system-tests_manual/
[3] make sure you have the 'dev' role for Jenkins, if you don't, send email
to infra-supp...@ovirt.org and ask to be added.

Eyal Edri
Associate Manager
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Red Hat Israel

phone: +972-9-7692018
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