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> Hi,
> I am currently moving all option values from ConfigValues to database. It
> should make this values more readable and less error prone, since all will
> be in one place. Also it will allow engine-config to work with all
> available options and provide a way to find out if option is versioned, or
> has one general value.
> But I encountered problem with unit tests. Some tests (tests that use
> MockConfigRule e.g. NetworkInSyncWithVdsNetworkInterfaceTest) rely on
> getting default value from ConfigUtilBase#getValue, which will no longer be
> possible, because there will be no @DefaultValueAttribute. As I understand,
> this tests cannot get values from database either.

​Looking at code, it seems that ConfigUtilsBase makes the assumption that
default value for given VdcOption [1] is available through annotations,
driven by the presence of @TypeConverterAttribute + @DefaultValueAttribute.
If we want to remove those annotations throughout ConfigValues, we could
consider adapting ConfigUtilsBase accordingly.

[1] ConfigUtilsBase#getValue(VdcOption)​

​Or, simply allow the test to specify the given VdcOption's default value
explicitly (avoid relying on annotation-driven default value resolution)
which can reduce the amount of "magic" in the test :-)

> Does someone have an idea how to solve this problem? I was thinking about
> changing MockConfigRule to get values from 000_config.sql, but I am not
> sure if this change won't cause some other issues.
> Thanks,
> Mirka
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