On 01.03.2018 20:12, Cole Robinson wrote:
>>> - Cole
>> Hi Cole, for the time being I've patched vdsm to require libvirt 3.7.0-4
>> (which contains the hotplug patch required by vdsm). Unfortunately, this
>> release is still only in updates-testing, which lead to a build failure
>> on ovirt Jenkins.
>> Do you have an idea by when 3.7.0-4 will be propagated to fedora updates?
>> Thanks!
> I submitted it for 'updates' yesterday, so whenever the next compose is.
> Is this about vdsm packages in fedora, or an external repo that builds
> packages for upstream?
> - Cole
the package has made it to 'updates' yesterday, thanks!
I was referring to vdsm in the upstream ovirt project. With the current
F27 'updates' vdsm is building again on s390x.

 Viktor Mihajlovski

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