On 3/24/20 10:28 AM, Milan Zamazal wrote:
Hi, I've experienced a problem with host deploy and oVirt master last
week in an environment with TLS disabled.  When I install/reinstall a
4.4 host, it removes the following options from


As a result, libvirt refuses to start, complaining about missing
certificates and keys in their default locations.
And this is where things start to get blurry...
Since you're trying out a non-TLS environment I guess that vdsm-tool added to 'libvirtd.conf':

auth_tcp: "none"
listen_tcp: 1
listen_tls: 0


But supervdsmd's service definition still requires libvirtd-tls.socket and that might cause libvirtd to complain. Could you please try manually removing the libvirtd-tls.socket dependency, disabling this unit and see if libvirtd still complains?

Does anybody who uses a non-TLS environment experience the same problem?
Can it be related to the fact that we require libvirtd-tls service from
the split libvirtd services now?

(Yes, I know TLS should always be used, but that is a shared development
environment where TLS is disabled for whatever reason.)


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