On 02/25/2015 11:39 AM, Emmanuel Baccelli wrote:
GPL with linking exception seems relevant in this discussion --
especially since eCOS, which is also a well-known embedded OS, uses this

If we are thinking about amending an existing license, we could also try to ease the restrictions of LGPL to fit our vision (whatever that is).

Like, as LGPL expects developers of proprietary code to

a. release everything needed to change RIOT (e.g., object files),
b. to provide "reverse engineering" stuff to debug such a solution,

we could add exceptions to LGPL that clarify these terms.

e.g., we could add an exception that if that developer provides an LGPLed port of RIOT for a specific device and also the same means to get a basic RIOT on that board using the same means as for it's own customers (none if that device is not supposed to be field upgradable), we allow skipping those the original requirements.

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