On 03/02/2015 03:37 PM, Oleg Hahm wrote:
IMHO GPL + linking exception doesn't cut it. I'm not trying to change LGPL
into that.

What do you think make LGPL more appropriate than GPL + linking exception?
See below.

In my opinion the IoT world needs something that is more oriented towards
respecting the needs of potential end users.

How is this related to GPL + Linking Exception vs. LGPL?
*BSD is offering developers maximum freedom to use the code even without sharing or in a completely proprietary way.

GPL (+exception)ensures (theoretically) that all code changes itself stay GPL, thus stay open and available to everyone. This mostly benefits the community of developers.

LGPL additionally forces distributors to release everything needed for changing the RIOT version on the device, giving end users some direct benefits unrelated to RIOT's source code itself.

So *our* license choice will have consequences for end users using devices running RIOT.

So in short, LGPL trades a little developer freedom for a little user freedom.

If code contributions is all we want, *BSD is probably the way to go.

I thought the discussion was partly about this question and we were wondering
if this is the case or not.
The way I remember this aspect we mostly agreed that *BSD *probably* has advantages / no disadvantages regarding the amount of code contributions.


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