I just realized that I'll probably learn something about  IoTivity and AllJoyn
today at the T2TRG meeting:

I guess there won't be now audio stream, but at least the slides should be
online later this day.

> Concerning IoTBase, I would add that they're thinking about a stack for
> constrained devices [1] so it might be easier to implement on RIOT. 

Looks indeed interesting at a first glance. We should have an eye on this and
see if someone's willing to give it a try with RIOT.

> As you said, Riot nodes will be connected to something more powerful but
> this kind of protocol avoids to create new proprietary protocols.

Just for clarification: I (and I guess I'm speaking for most of us) want a
(R)IOT device being able to be connected _directly_ to anything. Be it another
RIOT powered device, a Contiki device, my home gateway, my smartphone, or any
server in the Internet. Protocols for the IoT should not rely on the fact that
there is something more powerful that translates their messages to the rest of
the world.

> I found this link on stackoverflow where they compare AllJoyn and
> IoTivity.[2]

Thanks for the pointer.

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