Yes, I think (and wrote in a separate mail in this thread already): working 
groups for different distribution implementations should be created by people 
who are interested in those.
If it helps preventing confusion I'm happy with renaming the first iteration to 
whatever you suggest, or "OTA/FAF" (firmware activation framework).

Cheers, Ludwig

Am 24. März 2015 19:10:36 MEZ, schrieb Oleg Hahm <oliver.h...@inria.fr>:
>Hi Ludwig!
>> yes, we agreed that in order to get software updates we need a
>> for activating new firmware images first.
>> The working assumption for the first incarnation/iteration of this is
>> an image has been saved to some memory of the device already.
>Okay, basically my question was: do the OTA task force wants to work on
>actual update distribution mechanisms (including security) in a second
>step or
>would it make more sense trying to charter a task force that works on
>this in
>parallel? (If the latter, I would recommend to rename it.)

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