Hi Baptiste!

> I want to edit the IPV6 address with a new EUI64. Which is the correct
> way to edit the IPV6 address? I tried to edit the Long HWaddr with
> gnrc_netapi_set but it doesn't automatically update inet6 addr.
> Do I have to update each value (ie Short/Long addr and inet6 addr) or
> is there a way to provide an EUI64 value and get those value updated?

Not sure, what you're trying to achieve. The IPv6 link-local address is
calculated at boot time from the node's EUI-64 address and won't be updated
automatically by just changing the node's HW addresses later on. You can
however remove the IPv6 address from the given interface and add a new one.
Another way would be to preconfigure a different EUI-64 at build time.

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