Hi all,

I've tried to add another 2 attributes to the "coap_endpoint_t" structure :

typedef struct
> {
>     coap_method_t method;
>     coap_endpoint_func handler;
>     const coap_endpoint_path_t *path;
>     const char *core_attr;
>     const char *if_attr;    // Interface attribute
>     //const char *title;

> } coap_endpoint_t;

Obviously i added the related attributes also in the coap.c file,
into handle_get_well_known_core().

Now when i call the /.well-known/core the response is as follows  :


And that is what i want, but now, when i perform a GET request onto
"board_GET_SAMR21" the payload is EMPTY.

So, there is something that i forgot to modify, as packet length or
something similar?

Thanks all as always!
*best regards, *
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