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> On 7. Mar 2018, at 09:04, Arndt, Josua <jar...@ias.rwth-aachen.de> wrote:
> I just set up an RPI with this
> https://github.com/RIOT-Makers/wpan-raspbian/wiki/Setup-native-6LoWPAN-router-using-Raspbian-and-RADVD
> I have my devices joining the network and also can ping them.

Great - so the basics are working, already.

> What do I need to do to be able to ping the lowpan interface or the lowpan 
> devices from a third host.
> Is this already working, work in progress or abandoned?

Abandoned: NO, but any user sharing his experiences, like this usage report of 
yours, helps to improve
and extend the guides!

But to your problem:

What you need to do is to enable IP forwarding on the RasPi, e.g. using sysctl:

    sudo sysctl -w net.ipv6.conf.all.forwarding=1

I assume you 3rd host is a linux box connected to the same LAN as the RasPi, if 
so, you need to
setup some more IPv6 addresses + a route from that third host using the RasPi 
as a gateway.

For instance, what we use in a practical course for students is the following 
setup (see also [1],
its in German though). We use 2 IPv6 subnets, the first for Host <-> RasPi and 
the second for
RasPi <-> RIOT nodes, like `fd18:a:b:1::/64` and `fd18:a:b:2::/64`, 
respectively. Setup IPs as

- RasPi:
    LAN (eth0) = fd18:a:b:1::1/64
    lowpan0    = fd18:a:b:2::1/64 <- this prefix (fd18:a:b:2::/64) should be 
used in radvd.conf too

- Linux box:
    LAN (eth0) = fd18:a:b:1::2/64

- RIOT Nodes:
    autoconf addresses via RA with prefix fd18:a:b:2::/64

Finally, on the 3rd host (Linux box) try to ping the RasPi: `ping6 
fd18:a:b:1::1` if this works,
configure a route to `fd18:a:b:2::/64` via the RasPi. On Linux the following 
command should work:

    sudo ip route add fd18:a:b:2::/64 via fd18:a:b:1::1

Now you should be able to ping a RIOT node on its fd18:a:b:2:<something> 
address from the 3rd host.
Btw. pinging from RIOT -> 3rd host should work, too - even without configuring 
any route, because
RIOT sets the RasPI as default router.

I'll try to add this description to the guides ASAP.

> Also the 6lowpan branch for radvd is at 2.13 as radvd proceeded to 2.17.
> Did the changes made it to the main radvd branch?
> Is it still required to use this branch or does it also work with the main 
> branch of radvd.

AFAIR some 6lo related additions didn't make it back in the main repo, yet. 
Though, I'm unsure if
you really need these. I'll try to test that, too, within the next few days and 
update or comment
in the guides accordingly.


Finally, please report on any success or if you need more help on this!




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