I only added a couple of very minor inline comments. Looks good, I
think you can push directly no one else needs to re-read this
BSP-specific stuff.

On Sun, Sep 18, 2016 at 8:33 PM, Gedare Bloom <ged...@rtems.org> wrote:
> I will try to read your GitHub diffs sometime this week.
> Thanks
> On Sat, Sep 17, 2016 at 6:34 PM, Pavel Pisa <ppisa4li...@pikron.com> wrote:
>> Hello Gedare,
>> I have tried to update code according to your review.
>> I have added even enabled/uncommented and added implementation
>> for some more test. Especially ECC integrated TCRAM single errors
>> correction and reporting test. I have commented why double errors
>> abort exception based test is commented out because it would require
>> significantly more work. Have left original commits unchanged for now
>>   1a98178 arm/tms570: define base addresses of all TMS570LS3137 SPI 
>> interfaces.
>>   9d06f3b arm/tms570: include hardware initialization and selftest based on 
>> Ti HalCoGen generated files.
>>   1ef345e arm/tms570: include TMS570_USE_HWINIT_STARTUP option to select 
>> bare metal startup and selftest.
>>   74b20a1 arm/tms570: document BSP setup with included hardware 
>> initialization.
>>   b38ecb7 arm/tms570: update bootstrap generated preinstall.am
>> I think that even for you it is easier to read diffs against reviewed state 
>> for now.
>> I plan to collapse/rearrange commits then. I can send updated series
>> to mainling list then if the V2 complete review is preferred.
>> The new updates
>>   472a561 arm/tms570: include HalCoGen generated MPU initialization.
>>      used to test MPU and SDRAM or real HW, this is not mainline material 
>> for this round
>>   b092a83 bsps/arm: Export bsp_start_hook_0_done symbol from ARM start.S.
>>   b204502 arm/tms570: Enable more self-tests including integrated TCRAM and 
>> its ECC functionality testing.
>>      this is a little dancing between eggs, but works
>>   aed1d28 arm/tms570: Add data barriers to external SDRAM setup code.
>>      there are still some problems with first configuration/reset cycle 
>> after power on reset
>>   c4cbfe8 arm/tms570: Update comments, document functions and add references 
>> to the corresponding HalCoGen functions.
>>   45fda72 arm/tms570: readme and configure help extended a little.
>>   9f83ada arm/tms570: change ESM parity selftests related functions/types 
>> prefix from tms570_partest_ to tms570_selftest_par_ .
>> The commits, diffs can be read at GitHub
>>   https://github.com/AoLaD/rtems/commits/tms570-bsp
>> Best wishes,
>>                Pavel
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