On 10/08/2017 16:41, Christian Mauderer wrote:
> I was more concerned that the include list in builder.py has grown
> significantly. If you don't have a problem with that, it's OK.

I will fix this after the merge.

>> I could look at making libbsd.py into libbsd/__init__.py with a file per 
>> module
>> and the top level just sees the imports. I still see no need for us to have
>> module build control, we always build all modules.
> Currently I wouldn't see a big advantage in splitting up libbsd.py
> except that the files are smaller.

Easier to review changes.

> It might would be nice to have some more control over the modules that
> get build with some kind of configuration or BSP-config file in the
> future. If it would be possibility to set custom defines depending on
> the configuration that would even add some more flexibility. With that
> it would for example be possible to exclude IPv6 support on small
> targets or add a BSP specific driver. But that's a problem that can be
> solved some when in the future when someone in the community has time or
> budget to do that.

Yes this would be nice.

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