Hello Chris and Sichen,

I updated the patch "waf_generator: Copy headers if necessary."
according to Chris suggestions.

@Chris: Could you have a look if it now looks OK for you?
@Sichen: Could you replace the first patch in your patch set with this

I also created a patch that moves the ** of the glob from
waf_generator.py to builder.py. That avoids that a lot of unnecessary
headers are installed. For example, with the current version of Sichens
patch, the aes.h is installed three times:
 - lib/include/openssl/aes.h,
 - lib/include/openssl/aes/aes.h
 - lib/include/openssl/crypto/aes/aes.h

With the patch, it is possible to install it only one time by just
skipping the ** in the pattern.

@Sichen: Could you check whether all necessary files are still

Theoretically, that patch could be rebased so that it is before Sichens
openssl patches but I'm not sure if it is worth the effort. It only
means that there is one intermediate version which installs to many
headers but it would work too.



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