On 09/02/18 00:47, Chris Johns wrote:
     No user should be forced to touch its Makefiles only because we move some
     files in the RTEMS source tree from A to B. So, I think the install 
     should remain as is.

I agree but I think you missed my point. The use in testsuites can be fixed to 
to the source tree.  But if I change the includes in the "custom" files, I have
that it may not be possible to make it work in both when building and installed.

Exporting anything internal to users is always going to present a risk, we have
known and acknowledged this for years. It has been part of the reason we have
avoided making changes in the build system however my attitude is changing or
has changed, ie removing preinstall.

Long term I cannot see how we can sustain this interface and that means we need
to determine when it goes? I am more than happy to be proved wrong. It is only
fair to those who use these installed files they get suitable warning and we
need to figure out what we provide to replace it.

Building new applications and products based on this type of application build
framework with RTEMS 5 should be discouraged. We are looking to increase the
release frequency and this will only shorten the life span for these files.

I think it will not cost much to simply leave this stuff as is. It should be easy to support with any RTEMS internal build system. The only thing we really need are the machine flags for the BSP. We need a better place to specify them. The blocking points for the next step of build system clean up are from my point of view (highest priority first):

1. The host tools, they should move to rtems-tools or even go away if no longer used. Getting rid of the native compiler for BSP builds will simplify things.

2. The libcpu, the files should move to bsps/@RTEMS_CPU@/@RTEMS_BSP_FAMILY@/* or bsps/@RTEMS_CPU@/shared/*.

3. Move the machine flags out of the *.cfg files. Make them usable by arbitrary build systems.

4. Make the BSP options independent of Autoconf, so that it can be used from Autoconf and other build systems.

What is the benefit of moving files from





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