Am 22.02.2018 um 03:35 schrieb Salil Sirotia:
> Hi all,
> My name is Salil Sirotia and I'd like to be a part of RTEMS project for GSoC
> 2018.
> As of now, I have gone through 'Getting Started documentation'
> available on the <> and have
> managed to set up a working environment
> for SPARC/ERC32.The wiki prospective students need to provide a proof
> of setting up environemt,  i've sent a snapshot with the modefied Hello
> World Test program after I ran it with ' sparc-rtems5-gdb ' as
> shown on the wiki page. Please Do let me know if I need to provide
> anything else .
> I have modified the hello world Sample application and Now I want to
> learn more things like Open Projects in RTEMS  Organization.
> Would you like to suggest me some Open Projects that match my skills?
> Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.
> I would love to work on any open projects.
> My skills sets are :-
> C,C++
> Begineer in Python,Java

Hello Salil,

first of all: Welcome to RTEMS.

It really depends on what you would like to do. For some open projects,
you can have a look at the OpenProjects page in the wiki:

If you see something that interests you, just start to discuss it on the
mailing list. If you have some ideas of your own you can discuss them too.

If you can't decide, it would be useful if you could tell us something
more about your interests and experience. Are you interested more in
high-level programming or something as close to hardware as possible?
Did your already use some embedded boards like Beagle or Raspberry?

Kind regards

Christian Mauderer

embedded brains GmbH
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