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Subject: Re: potential deadlock in _once

> Yes, please open a ticket and provide a test case for the RTEMS test suite. 
> Maybe we have to use dedicated mutexes for each pthread_once_t object. This 
> is what Linux and FreeBSD do. This would require a Newlib update.

Using one dedicated mutex for each pthread_once_t instance would be a longer 
term and elegant solution.

On the other hand, I think we can get away with a much simpler change: The 
_once implementation uses a single mutex. Currently this mutex protects the 
whole function, while I believe we protect reads/writes to the once_state 
variable only. Concurrent tasks finding the state on RUNNING, could just yield 
until the state becomes ONCE_STATE_COMPLETE. 

One side problem I noticed is that the _once() returns EINVAL, if a thread 
finds the state in ONCE_STATE_RUNNING. This is not documented in RTEMS, neither 
in POSIX. The specs define: "The init_routine is guaranteed to have run to 
completion when this routine returns to the caller".

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