The patch looks good. I just have some general questions.

On 05/04/18 05:20, Chris Johns wrote:
This change is part of refactoring the testsuite's build system to
remove nested make builds for every test.

Update #3382
diff --git a/c/src/make/leaf.cfg b/c/src/make/leaf.cfg
index 8d3f52ecde..045ee1ab0e 100644
--- a/c/src/make/leaf.cfg
+++ b/c/src/make/leaf.cfg

Why do we need this leaf.cfg at all for the internal build system? Can't we use the default Automake link rules if we are satisfied with an ELF file?

+if TEST_fsdosfsname02
+fs_tests += fsdosfsname02
+fs_screens += fsdosfsname02/fsdosfsname02.scn
+fs_docs += fsdosfsname02/fsdosfsname02.doc
+fsdosfsname02_SOURCES = fsdosfsname02/init.c
+fsdosfsname02_CPPFLAGS = $(AM_CPPFLAGS) $(TEST_FLAGS_fsdosfsname02) 

Do we really have install all the *.doc and *.scn files? Do we have to install the test programs?

I usually build a BSP with tests and run them. Afterwards I build the BSP again without tests and install it.

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