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From:&nbsp;"Chris Johns"<chr...@rtems.org&gt;;
Date:&nbsp;Mon, Feb 10, 2020 09:52 AM

Subject:&nbsp;Re: Suggestion about libdl's cache size

On 10/2/20 12:14 pm, jameszxj wrote:
&gt; &gt; &nbsp; &nbsp;The caches size(RTEMS_RTL_ELF_SYMBOL_CACHE ...) now are 
just define in rtl.c.
&gt; Yes.
&gt; &gt; One of our project should increase the cache size, so I have to 
modify the
&gt; &gt; kernel source file directly. I think if the cache size can be 
redefined maybe
&gt; &gt; friendly.
&gt; Yes I agree. When libdl was written I provided the flexibility to set the 
&gt; size however I never created a formal interface to do this. At the time 
&gt; were many other things that needed to be resolved before this. I felt if 
&gt; was important and needed it would be raised as an issue. It looks like 
that time
&gt; as come.

&gt; If you would something added please contact me offline.
OK, Thanks.

&gt; Chris
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