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that didn't work but i'm thinking of defining a char array that is equal to the size of the processor lock and the isr lock?

This is a bit complicated and still leads to a size increase.

i figured that the processor lock is 64 bits and isr lock is a one bit?
    I'm confused on how to make an api define do you have a file i can
    look at?

Maybe you try to fix the Scheduler_Context warning first. It is easier to fix. I am pretty sure that this approach works:

Get rid of the empty structures is to just provide typedefs, for example:

#if defined(RTEMS_SMP)
typedef struct Scheduler_Context {
} Scheduler_Context;
typedef struct Scheduler_Context Scheduler_Context;

Then you have to make sure that #if !defined(RTEMS_SMP) no objects of this type are used.

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