I have a problem with endpoint.c test (RECYCLE0001): 

Error: seL4_MessageInfo_get_label(tag) == seL4_InvalidCapability at line 50 of 
file /long/path/apps/sel4test-tests/src/tests/endpoints.c

I am reading MR(0) in call_func above this check  and see, that seL4_Call 
returns values that were sent before. For example, 100 for the first thread, 
101 for the second and etc. Thus, as far I understand, cnode_recycle does not 
work at all. I am pretty sure that my seL4_Call syscall was implemented 
properly. I have looked inside the kernel, and tried to track everything 
related to cteRecycle and do not see anything platform specific. I know that it 
is a complicated question, but any ideas or hints where to look? 

Thank you 

Vasily A. Sartakov

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