On Tue 18-Oct-2016 8:36 AM, PX wrote:
I have posted this question before and my problem is not totally solved because 
I am not familiar with Makefile. I try to make my question more specific as 

I want to add new code, which is already organized under a directory, say, 
test. I want to add the directory test to main.c file for ARM VMM, located at 
~/projects/vm/apps/vm/components/VM/src/main.c. In the program, we want to 
refer to the sub-directories by relative path to the directory test. what is 
the easy to do that? How can we add the directory test  to the search path so 
that we can include the header files by the relative path to the directory 
test, say include "test1/test1.h"?

We tried to modify the makefile at  ~projects/vm/apps/vm, but we have to add 
all the sub-directories, and there are problems for the files with the same 
name under different directories.
As far as I know this is a limitation with the way CAmkES builds components. If 
you're adding a lot of code that doesn't need to deal directly with CAmkES 
connectors then you can work around this by adding the new code to a library 
and linking your component against the library.

If your code must be in the component then you will have to just not have 
duplicate names.


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