Hi Carl,

I'm just a lurker (until now) but as no one else has addressed your
question I thought I'd take a stab at it.

Besides, I enjoy getting publicly corrected as a means of getting to
know people.

Briefly, I do not think the seL4 software stack has yet been built to
the heights you require to run the programs you wish, not without
Herculean effort from you.

Long answer:

As far as I can tell, seL4 is still very much a research operating
system, and much userspace infrastructure is missing or incomplete. If
we compare it to the early days of Linux (the kernel), then one could
say that libc hasn't been ported to it yet, let alone has anyone put
together the first "distribution" (like Soft Landing Systems did,

People have gotten seL4 to do real work but as far as I can tell it
has been by deploying the kernel and then coding directly against it.
I looked briefly at your links and it appears to me that bitcoind and
vanitygen are both very much applications that expect to run in a
POSIX-like userspace.

Unfortunately seL4 is not there yet. From my perspective it has yet to
expand its userbase from an ambitious class of kernel
developers--those who want to break new ground, not just hack on a
Unix-like OS--to systems programmers, let alone application

Disclaimer: As noted above, I've been only a lurker for many months
and am still struggling to understand many seL4 concepts. In my
opinion, the lexicon used to discuss the system is still in flux,
which makes the system hard for newbies outside of OS research to pick
up, and no hand-wavy, analogy-heavy documentation exists to bring
novices like me up to speed. This is not a criticism of the community;
it's a diagnosis. What little I do understand of seL4 excites me
tremendously; there are simply too few people working on it. This is
the proverbial ground floor. Care to step aboard?

Er, hi, guys. I think the only person here I know is Jeff, and it's
been a good 10 years...


On Tue, Nov 29, 2016 at 1:49 PM, Carl Dong <accou...@carldong.me> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I recently acquired a BD-SL-I.MX6 and will be tinkering with it to install
> seL4. A major use case for me is if I could run bitcoind or at least
> vanitygen on seL4. I'm very new to the system, but is there a relatively
> easy way of cross-compiling said software for seL4? Would love to spend some
> time learning.
> Cheers,
> Carl Dong
> accou...@carldong.me
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