Hi all!

I have an Ethernet driver underneath an lwip implementation that I've gotten to 
run threaded tcpip.
It happily passes messages back and forth and all around between half a dozen 
threads over a dozen ports
all on localhost. Every once in a while though, it wants to send a packet to 
the outside world... this of course
invokes the Ethernet driver, which rather annoyingly, is polled. I am looking 
for the proper way to convert
my polled Ethernet driver to be interrupt-driven.... however the sel4 
interrupt-handling/dispatching seems
to escape my grasp and I could use a little help... It would appear that there 
is a mechanism to register
a request to receive a message whenever an interrupt occurs? irq_server.c? Are 
there some nice simple
examples out there? Is there an easier way perhaps?


Richard H. Clark

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