Hi Paolo,

Yes, we are aware of this issue, and your suggested fix is good. I 
believe this is because of changes to Debian since those dockerfiles 
were published.
You can avoid this issue, and save yourself some build time, by running

make pull_sel4_image

which will pull the base image that we're running in our testing 

We will be pushing out some relatively major changes to the Dockerfiles 
soon, which will get rid of this issue, and be ready for the new build 
system and GCC6.


Luke Mondy, Systems Administrator, Trustworthy Systems
P +61 2 9490 5773 | https://ts.data61.csiro.au

On 17/05/18 23:42, Paolo Crisafulli wrote:
> Forgot to say: this error can be fixed by replacing ncurses-dev with 
> libncurses-dev, but then I'm getting many more apt error messages.
> On 17/05/18 15:32, Paolo Crisafulli wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I'm using the docker build environment provided by 
>> https://github.com/SEL4PROJ/seL4-CAmkES-L4v-dockerfiles
>> Currently, "make sel4" fails with this message:
>> E: Package 'ncurses-dev' has no installation candidate
>> Anyone experimenting the same behaviour?
>> Cheers,
>> Paolo
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