I am working with the camkes-arm-vm qemu-arm-virt configuration. I started with 
the vm_minimal configuration and have added a tun/tap interface by creating the 
tap on my host thusly:

# ip tuntap add tap0 mode tap
# ip addr add dev tap0
# ip link set dev tap0 up

I have added support for what I beleive to be the appropriate interrupts by 
modifying my devices.camkes file thusly:

        vm0.untyped_mmios = [
                    "0x8040000:12", // Interrupt Controller Virtual CPU 
interface (Virtual Machine view)
                    "0x10040000:17", // QEMU PCI MMIO
                    "0x3eff0000:16", // QEMU PCI IO ports
                    "0x40000000:29", // Linux kernel memory regions
        vm0.dtb_irqs = [35, 36, 37, 38];

Additionally, I have modified the settings.camkes thusly:

if(${PLATFORM} STREQUAL "qemu-arm-virt")
    # force cpu
    set(QEMU_MEMORY "2048")
    set(KernelArmCPU cortex-a53 CACHE STRING "" FORCE)
    set(VmInitRdFile ON CACHE BOOL "" FORCE)
    set(VmPCISupport ON CACHE BOOL "" FORCE)
    set(VmVirtioNetArping OFF CACHE BOOL "" FORCE)
    set(VmVirtioNetVirtqueue ON CACHE BOOL "" FORCE)
    # set(qemu_sim_extra_args "-netdev 
tap,id=mynet0,ifname=tap0,script=no,downscript=no -device 
    set(qemu_sim_extra_args "-net nic,model=e1000 -netdev 
tap,id=mynet0,script=no,ifname=tap0 -device 
    set(KernelArmExportPCNTUser ON CACHE BOOL "" FORCE)
    set(KernelArmExportPTMRUser ON CACHE BOOL "" FORCE)


This results in a tunl0 interface showing up on my linux guest. However, that 
interface does not have a mac address associated with it. I can use ifconfig to 
assign an IP address on the same subnet as the corresponding tap interface on 
the host. However, I can’t ping between the two. I thought this might be 
because I have VmVitruoNetArping set to OFF. However, I get compile time errors 
when I turn it on. Because the tunl0 inteface does not have the mac address 
specied in the qemu_sim_extra_args I am unsure of how to set up an arp table 

Exctly what do I need to do to enable network communications between my linux 
guest and the host?

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