Hi Hackers,

I had a nice talk about uClibc-ng with Alexey on ELCE2016.
One of the points where the separation of the test suite included in
uClibc-ng source tree.

Recently Max and I discovered a problem regarding
libgcc/pthread_cancel, because the code was _not_ compiled with
the normal full shared gcc toolchain.
Every application gets compiled and linked with full toolchain, only
the test suite not.

I think this is wrong and I would like to remove the test-suite from
uClibc-ng source and want to create a separate project out of it.
Like musl hackers are doing it with their libc-test.

Furthermore I would like to synchronize the tests with GNU libc and
take a look that no internal uClibc stuff is used or only when
requested by the developer. So test suite could be run on GNU libc,
musl and uClibc-ng based system.

I would use libc-test, but they depend on GNU make and I want to be
able to run the test suite on noMMU targets.
@Szabolcs: Or are you interested in some joined efforts?

And furthermore I like the small summary to get a fast feedback
about any regressions before a release.

Recently Ignacy discovered the same issue while trying to rework
the internal unwind functions in uClibc-ng.

Any opinions? Any suggestions for the name of the test suite?

Plan is to do a release in the next days and afterwards separate the
test suite code before the next release.

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