I've been running S3's Savage driver (version 1.1.18 S3) for the last
few days.  I've been using a somewhat hackish setup, using

 - the 2D driver within a current CVS HEAD server;
 - the kernel module built from 4.2.0 sources and a heavily patched
   2.4.18 kernel;
 - the 3D driver built from 4.2.0 sources but used with a 4.2.1 copy
   of Mesa (actually Debian's 4.2.1-6).

I've got no idea whether the bugs I've encountered are due to my weird
setup, or to S3's code.  The hardware is a Savage Twister-K and a 
950 MHz Duron.

Nothing to say about 2D or Xv -- in normal usage, both appear to be as
fast and stable as recent versions of Tim's driver.  I didn't try to
make XvMC work.

At least on my setup, direct OpenGL is not ready for general usage.
The most striking problem is that glBitmap and glDrawPixels (and hence
glXUseXFont) are broken (glBitmap appears to do nothing, and
glDrawPixels draws stuff at half the y coordinate).  Hence, all
applications and some games fail to show any text at all.  (Most games
appear to use textures for text.)

The accumulation buffer appears to be broken too.

While I haven't managed to make the system crash, it is quite easy to
make the X server deadlock (having two threads do intensive OpenGL
works every time).  In all cases, I could reboot the machine remotely.


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