What is the status of the problem of being unable to restore the VGA screen using the SiliconMotion drivers?
Bugzilla 124 & 702 have reported the problem. Some comments indicate there is a working patch, while some comments (and my experience) indicate that the problem still exits, even using the latest 4.3.99.x XFree86. It's not clear if anyone is actively working on the problem.
I would add that in my case, using a Panasonic CF-28 ToughBook (laptop), the problem exists using Solaris 8 and 4.3.99.x XFree86, but does NOT exist using RedHat Linux with 4.2 XFree86 on the same machine. Also, as I reported in Bugzilla 702, using Solaris 8 and 4.0.2 XFree86 Porting Kit, I did not have the problem either.
I would appreciate feedback on any planned efforts on this problem. If any XFree86 Developer in the LA area needs to look at my machine, I may be able to accommodate them to get this problem solved.
Dave Otten

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