On Sun, 19 Oct 2003, J E Dog wrote:

>> >I have writen an xkb layout for the Logitech Elite Keyboard.
>> >Maybe someone can use it or it will be included into XFree.
>>All code submissions and patches, should be filed in bugzilla at:
>>http://bugs.xfree86.org as individual uncompressed file
>>attachments (not cut and pasted into the comment field).  All
>>patches should be in the unified diff format and created against
>>the current CVS head preferably.  A unified diff can be created
>>by doing:
>>diff -Naur xc.orig xc > yourpatch.patch
>Excuse me, but I have never seen that rule on the website anywhere.

I didn't say that it was a rule on the website anywhere.  Please 
point out where I said that.

>Where did it come from?

It came from the will of hundreds and thousands of open source 
developers who dislike context diffs and other forms of diff 
patches, and prefer the unified diff format, as unified diff 
format seriously saves a lot of time when you're a developer 
working on a software project, in particular a project as large 
as XFree86.

>Is this your particular preference? 

Why yes it is.  And it's the most popular preference of most
developers working on most software projects who even know how
about how to generate patches with diff and apply them with
"patch" also.  The majority of developers working on any OSS
software that I know, be it XFree86 or something else usually go
as far to straight out refuse all patches that are not in unified
diff format.  Unified diff is the easiest to read, easiest to
understand, and the easiest to hand edit should the need arise.  
It also applies much more cleanly than the other formats.  I'm
only preaching to the choir while educating you however, so I
wont bore the rest of the people who already know and agree with
me, by going into further detail.

>If so you should state so plainly and not make it a rule of the

Is this your personal opinion?  Or the opinion of the XFree86
project?  If so please state than plainly when making useless
comments in response to useful suggestions by others.

In my opinion, you don't exactly contribute much to the XFree86
project other than a rude attitude and obnoxious comments shouted
from your high horse from time to time for your opinion to matter
much to me about pretty much anything anyway.

I'm surprised that I haven't procmailed you to /dev/null yet.  
And to be quite honest, I'd be more than happy if you'd do the 
same to me, if for no other reason than I'd see both less of your 
postings *and* your generally useless responses.

Mike A. Harris

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