On Mon, 20 Oct 2003, J E Dog wrote:

>> >Is this your particular preference?
>>Why yes it is.  And it's the most popular preference of most
>>developers working on most software projects who even know how
>>about how to generate patches with diff and apply them with
>>"patch" also.  The majority of developers working on any OSS
>>software that I know, be it XFree86 or something else
>This is not 'something else'.  This is XFree86.  There are, at
>the latest counting, 5 forks of XFree86 code out there.  Why
>don't you spread your good cheer?

I've yet to see a single developer of anything stand up and shout 
that they prefer some other format of diff other than unified 

I'm not particularly interested in your opinion nor your banter 
in any case.

Mike A. Harris

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