Michel DÃnzer wrote:
Well, you know, XFree86's disregard for offers to help made by developers that have been with the project for over two years are certainly part of the problem.

Err, this is about bug triage, which you can do just as well as everybody else.

No, this is about my submitting Cygwin-specific bugs that can't actually be assigned to me for committing them, even though I am the "expert" on Cygwin/XFree86. This thread started to point out the hypocrisy of the situation and to see what the official response to this was.

I agree that you should be able to commit Cygwin stuff yourself (but I
can't do anything about it), I'm afraid your rants and threats won't do
much good there though.

Thanks for your agreement.

Hmm... rants and threats isn't very polite. I have asked numerous people to both "elect" me to get commit access and I have asked people with the power to do so to set me up with it (all privately, off list, as it should be). Nothing has ever happened from any of those requests.

What else am I supposed to do? I have made a decision that my family deserves the time that XFree86 is having me waste being a patch nanny.

In light of that decision, I am either going to commit my bugs directly to XFree86's CVS, or I am going to leave the project. It is not a "rant" or "threat" to tell people this. This is simply the way it is going to be, from my standpoint. As I said, I have made a decision to give this time back to my family, and I am going to do that, regardless of what other people decide their role in this will be.

Either way this plays out, I get to spend less time developing on X for the same amount of impact, and my family recovers three or four hours a month. When you are in a graduate degree program and working 30-40 hours per week, that is a *lot* of time.

So here is the choice to be made again:
1) Set me up with CVS commit access with the understanding that I commit only Cygwin-specific patches and all others get sent in through bugs.xfree86.org for review by other developers. -or-

2) I will stop sending patches for Cygwin support. It is simply not worth my time and I feel that the XFree86 project has no right to take that time away from me or my family.

I ask that the CVS commit access be granted within 2 months if it is going to be granted.

If access is not going to be granted, then a short note telling me to piss off would be appreciated so that I can start setting up my tree elsewhere.

Thank you very much for *your* time,


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