On Fri, 7 Nov 2003, Mark Vojkovich wrote:

>> Everywhere 
>> in the driver hex values are given premultiplied by 4 it seems, 
>> and specified as VALUE/4.
>   The register pointers are dword pointers.  The register offsets
>are byte offsets.  They are written as VALUE/4 so that I can grep
>for VALUE.  This is done so that it's easier for me to maintain.
>Converting everything to dword offsets will make my job more

Ah, ok.

>   I'm not sure why you are bringing this up.

I'm bringing it up because I have no idea how Nvidia hardware 
works, have no Nvidia documentation, the source code of the 
driver is quite obfuscated by not using symbolic names for 
things, and that was one obfuscation that I thought might be 
something that could be cleaned up.  Having no way of knowing why 
it is coded the way it is other than making a random guess, or by 
asking someone who does know, how is one supposed to find out why 
it is coded this way?

>I would think it would be obvious that since I am maintaining
>it, it would be in the form that is easiest for me to maintain.

Sure, that works fine for me if that is the case, at least once 
it is known that there is a valid reason, and that it is done 

But don't assume that I can mind read the intentions of an
obfuscated driver.  Would you prefer other developers and
potential developers did not ask questions at all, and instead
went off and worked on other projects?

Seems every time someone asks for information on how something 
works in the codebase that they don't understand, or asks for 
clarification on something, they can't get a straight or clear 

It's really no wonder volunteers get put off from contributing to
the XFree86 project.

Mike A. Harris

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