On Sun, 9 Nov 2003, Kevin Brosius wrote:

>Well, gee, Mike... You're question was filled with negative
>assumptions about why the driver might be 'obfuscated'.  You
>shouldn't take offense if Mark is a little short with you.  
>Focus on asking a question, leaving off the insinuations, and
>you'll get better answers.
>A shorter question like "I'd find it clearer if the nv driver
>used #defines for registers rather than hardcoded values.  Does
>anyone object to changing it?" would tend to go over smoother.

I suppose that is fair enough.  I'm trying to debug an annoying 
problem in the driver for some users having problems, and seeing 
hexadecimal registers everywhere instead of symbolic names is 
very frustrating.  I suppose I should have thought my posting out 
more clearly before asking my original question.  My response 
didn't take my original mail into account either, of which I had 
forgotten my wording.

My apologies for the flame.

Mike A. Harris

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