On Sun, 9 Nov 2003, Alex Deucher wrote:

>I agree that with hex values the driver is much harder to read
>and debug (as a casual developer).  that's part of the reason
>the radeon driver is so well developed and feature-rich.  
>however, I'd say that most drivers in xfree86 use hex values
>rather than symbolic names so symbolic names are hardly the
>norm.  the nv driver is no more obscured than the trident or
>3dlabs, etc. drivers.

I'm not trying to fix a bug in the trident or 3dlabs drivers 
however.  However, if I were, I also don't have hardware specs 
for trident or 3dlabs hardware, and as such, symbolic names would 
be easier to deal with in both of those, or any other video 
drivers as well.

A moot point however I suppose, as none of those drivers is ever
likely to have any major work done on them in the future other
than by their respective existing driver maintainers.  Let's hope
and pray that none of the existing maintainers gets hit by a bus,
or we're screwed.  ;o)

Mike A. Harris

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