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>Subject: Re: "nv" driver obscurities...
>Sorry I haven't looked at the glint driver in a while.  I was just
>trying to make a point that lots of drivers out there use hex rather
>than symbolic names.  I seemed to recall glint as being one of them,
>but I guess I was wrong.

That doesn't make it "good practice".  Symbolic names let people 
know what things are for, or provide clues at least.  They also 
help to avoid many typo related problems.  For example someone 
mistakenly saying 0x35c somewhere would much more easily go 
unnoticed than a symbolic name.  That's why we have structured 
programming constructs such as macros to begin with - to make 
programming more readable and easier to understand.

But obviously the point I'm trying to make is a debateable one, 
and I'm not going to change my mind on my thoughts regarding 
symbolic names, and I expect you and others aren't going to throw 
away years of programming and change your opinions either.  We 
both now know what each other's opinions on the topic is, and 
that none of us are going to convince the other to change their 
opinion or their coding practices, so further discussion/debate 
is probably not useful as far as development is concerned.  Let's 
just respectfully agree to disagree with each other on coding 
practice, and move on without further discussion.


Respectfully yours,

Mike A. Harris

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