I'm trying to make v4l driver to work with chips (Chips and tech
69030) x11 driver. The frame grabber can only write directly to
offscreen video memory in YUV format. But the X11 v4l driver reports
RGB as the only offscreen image format available. Althoough the chips
does support both RGB and YUV for offscreen overlays.

Further investigation in chips driver revealed that chips driver is
registering only RGB as offscreen format and both RGB and YUV as
supported image format by calling xf86XVListGenericAdaptors and
xf86XVScreenInit functions.

My question is, What is the difference between offscreen image format
registered via xf86XVRegisterOffscreenImages and image formats
registered via calls to xf86XVListGenericAdaptors and

Almost all of the video drivers register only one (usually YUV) format
as Offscreen image format and more formats via the screeninit calls.
If they support overlay in both RGB and YUV formats, should they not
be registering all the formats as offscreen formats too?

Any suggestion/advice is appreciated


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