>> }Hello twm users,
>> }
>> }let me kindly present recent advancements done to the twm window
>> }manager.  Attached is a tar file containing the following tar files:
>> Thanks Eeri. Now we just need someone to port the diffs to vtwm.
>>     C
> As there seems interest I definitely want to do that in principle.
> The first part (preparatory cleanup work for porting
> twm-1.0.3-diff1.MyFont_ChangeGC.tgz) is the most tedious part I think,
> but not that hard.  [....]

Hello vtwm users,

Here comes what I once promised:  attached are

    (*) vtwm-5.4.7-diff0-2.tar
    (*) VTWM-Tweaked.sh

(You can get these at


as well.)

In fact this is only a very preliminary patchset, I only ported some of
the twm work to vtwm over the weekend with as little effort as I only could.

Included are:

(*) Imakefile.no-sound.diff

this disables sound support  (I don't have rplay installed, ... and I
prefer silence anyway. :-)  If you run VTWM-Tweaked.sh for automatic
compile and want sound, then manually please comment out the appropriate
line in that script you'll find easily.

(*) Intro-twm.h.diff  Intro-screen.h.diff

I had problems with the 'Image'-data structure in util.h being unknown
to the compiler so I had to change the order some header files are included.

(*) vtwm-5.4.7-diff0.NO_I18N_SUPPORT.tgz

This is the most intrusive cleanup patch I had to do to vtwm in order to
start Xft support work at all.  Hereby I ask anyone among vtwm
developers with free time and interest in helping to read these
line-by-line and detect places I have unintentionally screwed up.  :-)

NO_I18N_SUPPORT now actually only determines how window and icon names
are retrieved from window properties, and I think this could be
streamlined as well, i.e. one should remove this configuration parameter
entirely (i18n support will be determined in run-time evaluating some
locale-functions, as twm does).

(*) vtwm-5.4.7-diff1.MyFont_ChangeGC.tgz
(*) vtwm-5.4.7-diff2.TWM_USE_XFT.tgz

These come directly from twm, I even was 'lazy' to change TWM_USE_XFT
into VTWM_USE_XFT (as simply being irrelevant).

(*) dot.vtwmrc

Slightly edited system.vtwmrc file I used for testing, to reflect my
keyboard shortcut preferences.

If you are a vtwm user, please test this in all your configurations and
lets sort out bugs et cetera you may encounter.  I haven't tested the
"doors" part because I dont know yet what they are and how to make use
of them, thought.

Spacing corrections are missing for now as vtwm code is a little harder
to read in that respect but at least some icon labeling adjustments need
to be done.  Opacity support is as an easy part coming as well.  Then
later the sloppy-focus if finished for twm will follow for sure as my
elbow unintentionally moves the mouse out of windows permanently
otherwise resulting in constant hassle in using computers.  :-)

Greetings and have fun,

    Eeri Kask

P.S. Apply against vtwm-5.4.7.tar.gz (or only run the script attached).

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