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> Hello,
> Is there a function (or any method) that can tell me the left space
> available for an already maped top level window (parent is root window) ?


I am not sure if I understand your question correctly but I don't think that 
there is.
You will have to find geometry of the root window, and geometry of the window 
in question and calculate the space left by yourself.

> The method for new top level window are possible: set the value of width
> and height very high then the window manager will reduce it automatically
> when maping. For instance when I set 768 as height, the window manager will
> reduce it to 700 (I use getgeometry). In fact the window/desktop manager
> reduces the size because of existence of title bar, decoration, and some
> menu bar.

You shouldn't relay on this particular behaviour of your particular 
windowmanager for it is not guaranteed to be present with other 
windowmanagers and for all I can tell, other windowmanagers do not act in 
this manner.

> I can not do this method for a maped window, do you know any solution ?

You might be interested in these functions:

See also:

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