Douglas Della Toffalo, Geriatric Psychologist Says Video Biographies are a
Great Tool in Treating Dementia

Woodinville, WA (PRWEB) May 6, 2007 -- Richard A. Wyckoff, a geriatric
psychologist, says that one's memories preserved in a video biography can be
a great tool in preservative care.

"In practical terms, video biographies can help a person remember who they
are by highlighting very positive experiences," Wyckoff said. "These include
accomplishment, relationships, hobbies and talents that they have enjoyed
during his or her life."

In reference to strangers such as caregivers, preserved memories through a
video biography can help them understand a person's history, Wyckoff
explained, enabling a caregiver to reinforce the patient's personal
recollections, thereby enhancing that individual's sense of self.

He said that video biographies will further assist caregivers in providing
services that otherwise might be resisted such as bathing or perianal care.

Referencing progressive dementia, Dr. Wyckoff said that without frequent
reminders of the highlights of one's personal history a person would tend to
lose sight of themselves. Citing this as inevitable, he added that
preservative care with a video biography can be a significant help in
delaying the time when one would lose their sense of identity.

R.J. McHatton, Producer at Inventive Productions LLC, reinforces Dr.
Wyckoff's observations: "In successive appointments when we record an older
person's life experiences with a video biography, it's a great tool in
helping one to recall significant events that they had temporarily

"Often, it's a chain effect, where one's particular recollection will
trigger another," he added.

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